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Team Losi XXT CR Truck "Xtra-Long" chassis Battery Holder for 2C "Shorty" LiPo

Losi XXT CR Truck Battery Holder 2C Shorty

  • Here's a battery holder for 2C "shorty" LiPo packs!  This kit is made for all "Xtra-Long" chassis Team Losi XX-based trucks!  The "xtra-long" length chassis was used on the Team Losi XXT CR and Kinwald editions (either regular or Graphite material)

    This kit does NOT work on the Team Losi JRX2 series, or the Short, , Standard. or Long chassis for the XX series.  The XX buggies used either the Standard chassis, or the optional Short chassis.  Standard XXT came with a Long chassis.  You can identify the chassis by looking at the molding by the rear bulkhead - there shold be a circle with a "STD" or "XL" molding in it, etc... 

    All hardware to assemble comes with this kit. 

  • While our goal is your satisfaction, please contact us first in regards to any returns or exchanges.

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