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Schumacher CAT XLS Masami Upgrade Kit! 

Schumacher CAT XLS Masami Upgrade Kit

  • Here is a Full UPGRADE KIT for your Schumacher CAT XLS Masami!  The exact dimensions were retained from original, but CNC cut from 2mm carbon fiber- better than the original! 

    This kit features all the parts to upgrade your CAT XLS Masami (re-release) edition.  You'll find some items in here don't fully match the original CAT XLS.  Rest assured, I'm going to have you covered...  Wait til you see the "Fat CAT"!

    Included in the kit is:
    U7265 Rear Shock Tower Replacement
    U7266 Rear Upper Suspension Crossbar Replacement
    U7263 Lower Chassis Replacement
    U7264 Upper Chassis Brace Replacement
    U7268 Servo Shims (2)
    U7267 LiPo Battery retainers (not shown)
  • While our goal is your satisfaction, please contact us first in regards to any returns or exchanges.

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