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RC10T Truck Kit w/ Battery Straps

Associated RC10T Truck Kit w/ Straps

  • Made by Vintage RC replica race parts!  Here's the Vintage RC10T Truck Shock Tower set, Stealth Trans Brace (3mm) and pair of Battery Straps (2mm) as used on the Team Associated RC10T Truck!!!  The exact dimensions were retained from original, but CNC cut from 3mm 3K carbon fiber- better than the original!  Also a great compliment to RC10 Graphite chassis plates, as the 3K carbon matches the RC10 Graphite chassis!


    Material is 3K carbon fiber- the "square pattern" is the size of the RC10 Graphite carbon fiber, and most common carbon fibers- larger pattern than the 1K carbon fiber used on most Vintage RC Parts.


    This is a direct replacement for Team Associated ASC-7214 front and ASC-7353 rear shock tower

  • While our goal is your satisfaction, please contact us first in regards to any returns or exchanges.

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