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Losi XX-CR KE Kit in 3mm Carbon Fiber - Updated!

Losi XXCR Kinwald Ed Tower Set, Trans & Front Brace 3K Carbon Fiber!

  • Vintage RC replica race parts!  Here's the Vintage Losi XXCR Kinwald Edition Front AND Rear shock tower set, as used on the XXCR kits!  The exact dimensions were retained from original, but CNC cut from 3mm carbon fiber- better than the original!  These are now made from 3K Carbon Fiber, and are strengthened on the shock arms (no hole anymore).  Also included in this kit is a Vintage RC Transmission Brace Tab, as well as a front end brace in 3K Carbon Fiber (NOTE:  Pics on the car show the older 1K carbon fiber, you will receive 3K that match the towers!
    Note:  When using these you lose the built in wing tubes.  BUT- the hole pattern allows you to mount a current set of wing mounts!!!  These are drilled for the Associated 91718 B6 Wing Mount Set (not included).
    This is a direct replacement for Team Losi LOSA-1106 BK front and LOSA-9813 rear shock tower.
  • While our goal is your satisfaction, please contact us first in regards to any returns or exchanges.

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