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EARLY RC10GT Shock Tower Kit, including Rear Trans Brace and Lower Rear Shock Mounts in 3K Carbon Fiber

Associated RC10 GT Early Shock Tower Kit

  • EARLY RC10GT Carbon Fiber Shock Tower Set.  Fits the EARLY RC10GT.  Made from 3K Plain Weave Carbon Fiber, 3mm thick.  Better than the original!  Kit adds Lower Rear Shock Mounts and Rear Trans Brace!

    NOTE:  Associated went wild with the shock towers on the GT's. What you see are patterned off the laterblack fiberglass with a wider shock stance (it also noted, fits 6836 body), then late kits had the 7653 molded tower (that noted, "replaces 7654"). Then of course there was the carbon fiber 7656 tower, which the later 7654 was patterned off of. A rare point in time where Associated missed it on part number controls. Please keep that in mind when purchasing.

  • While our goal is your satisfaction, please contact us first in regards to any returns or exchanges.

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