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Our dear friend, Ron Flatt
F14 Birds
F14 Torney
F14 PRHS 2
F14 Nomaha
F14 Makus
F14 Gibson
F14 Gate
f14 Gibson 2
F14 Gate 3
F14 Gate 2
F14 All Star
F14 Caveman
F14 fun
Jason Haines - BRL 17.5 Truck
Travis Russell - BRL 13.5 Open
Our dear friend, Terry Christy
West Bend, WI- First F-14 BRL WIN!
Three Amigos!  All TQ/Win BRL Finals
Three Amigos All TQ/Win St Louis!
Roy Mathiason BRL TQ/Win Fastlane
Speedy Sam Brundidge TQ/Win Oshkosh
F-14 Chassis #0001
Shane Schmidt's Rocker
The Three Amigos Whips
Willie Gibson in his normal habitiat
Jim Clark's Fastlane Win
Travis' 2015 SK Champ
One truck- Wins with three racers!
Fritsche- Winning at the Tri-Clone
Travis & F-14's 1st Championship
Terry winning on the high banks!
Ken's domination of Tennessee
F-14 WBG.jpg
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