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About Us

Tomcat Manufacturing was started many years ago by racers, looking for the ideal product.  The first product was the F-14 carpet oval racer.  Quickly, the F-14 became the F-14 Classic, and the equally successful Tomcat followed.  After that, the Afterburner, and Hellcat SK was developed.  These chassis won numerous Brushless Racing League wins, as well as Championships.  An F-14 made it's way onto the podium at the Snowbirds, as well as countless tracks across the United States.  As time moved on, so did the "three amigos" who anchored the F-14 team, pictured above.  Today, committing to a promise, all F-14 parts made in-house are still available today, and available here on the website.

Tomcat also began producing parts for vintage cars, namely the Cobra Nemesis direct-drive sprint car.  That, fueled by a love for the "glory days" of R/C racing, brought on Vintage RC Parts.  Today, Vintage RC Parts offers carbon-fiber shock towers and accessories for first generation Losi & Associated off-road buggies and trucks, as well as Kyosho, Traxxas, and Schumacher off-road vehicles, with more off-road and on-road parts to follow.

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